Le Chai de L’Hippodrome

noumea bistro-brasserie, cafe, francais, fruits-de-mer, poissons, tapas

Unique place to live, “a concept-village” of pleasure and exploration of the incredible beauty of life. Find out our senses. Listen to the sound of happiness. Contemplate the richness of nature. Feel the time emanations. Touch the time stands still.

Unique in Nouméa and in the South Pacific,… A break between style and authenticity, creativity and art, with a delicious affinity…

We meet curious enthusiasts with the finest palates, bistronomy lovers epicureans, lovers of fine wine and great minds. A farandole thrills, exchanges and lives French style new “aristo-wine-culinary” experiences.

The peace and tranquility of a quality service… Avid and unique culinary discoveries. The Chai de l’Hippodrome and its team travel in an atypical atmosphere. An alliance of contemporary and authentic style in a true Bordeaux wine making cellar. A teleportation of welfare, a transportation to the palace of flavours.

A resolutely luxury casual style, completely original, between treasures and stimulation of senses, we toast in the pure tradition of terroirs, vineyards, culinary savoir faire and French bistronomy.


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